Pap smear

Pap smear article (printable)

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  1. Comment by:
    Ketan Gajjar

    pap smear is now getting replaced by cervical sampling (basically instead of fixing the cervical scrap on slide, you use a brush/broom for cervical scrap and put it in the liquid pot) in UK, which means a cervical scarp with a special brush is squited in the liquid solution for liquid based cytology (LBC). this helps to reduce the inadequate smears from 9% to 2% approximately.

    a recent article in BMJ(British Medical Journal) 28th april 09 suggest that:
    The risk for cervical cancer after several negative smear results by age 50 is similar to that at
    younger ages
    It is therefore not consistent to stop screening women with several consecutive negative
    smears after age 50

  2. Comment by:

    Thanks Ketan for sharing this new information,,,we still use the age old technique of taking the smear.I think I’ll have to go through this new method & probably talk to some pathology people here too.

  3. Comment by:

    we have also started the liquid based cytology done by ranbaxy lab in india recently

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