Infections & Obstetrics

Infections & Obstetrics (ppt)

Interesting cases on

  • Preterm labour with intact membranes
  1. Role of infection
  2. Maternal & fetal risks
  3. Antibiotics : when/which ?
  4. Amniocentesis : role ?
  5. Delivery vs conservative : if infection confirmed
  • Screening…recommendations Vaginal infections,Asymptomatic bacteriuria,GBS
  1. Role of infection
  2. Antibiotic : which,why,dose
  3. Conservative Vs Delivery
  4. Other precautions
  1. Induction : Y/N?
  2. Antibiotics : Y/N? When?

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  1. Comment by:
    Ketan Gajjar

    A recent trial (ORACLE children study published in Lancet by MRC) suggests ” in those women who did not have PPROM( preterm prelabour rupture of membranes), there may be a small increased risk of functional impairment and cerebral palsy in the children of women who took antibiotics because of early premature labour. ( mark the word not PPROM means only applies when membranes are intact.. for ruptures membranes preterm labour antibiotics still have a role )
    follow the link for further details..

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